How to further your career in the corporate world as a woman

Working in the corporate world can be tough for anyone considering how cutthroat and competitive it is. However, it is harder for us women due to issues such as sexism, misogyny, and not to mention the fact that we live in a patriarchal society. And I Know that people will argue that most workplaces are working to eliminate these issues. However, we are a long way to getting to a place where these aren’t things that affect us, and as such we must work in a way that ensures our success regardless of the issues I have mentioned. In this article I have combined a list of tips that you can use to help you have a successful career in the corporate world.

  • Network
  • Your network is your net worth. Yes, read that again! At any given point in your career always keep in mind that who you know is more important than what you know. Networking is important as it is from this network that you will get recommendations, votes of confidence, information on new job opportunities, and overall advancement in your career. The easiest ways to network are during team projects, work events, and, even assignments outside of work or ones that you need to collaborate with people from different corporations. It is never too late or too early to network. Start today.

  • Find a mentor
  • As women it is important to find someone who can offer us guidance in our career path. Preferably your mentor should be a woman in the same career path as you. She should be in a senior position and have more expertise than you do. Older women tend to be a better option as they are more likely to have a lot of experience and can therefore impart invaluable knowledge to you. You might be wondering “Well how do I find this mentors?” The answer is simple. Ask. If you would like someone to be your mentor just ask. Do not reject yourself on their behalf because of fear. Always take initiative and keep in mind that if you never ask the answer will always be no.

  • Have a personal brand
  • Your personal brand is your public persona or the impression that you want to give people. Guard and control the narrative regarding your personal brand by ensuring that you are always presenting yourself how you want to be perceived. Watch things such as how you converse, dress, and execute your work projects. Ensure that all the things you do are in line with your personal brand. And yes, always being conscious of how we present can be exhausting but it is the world we live in. Remember that it gets easier and requires less effort with time and consistency.

  • Be good at your job
  • Being good at one’s job is one sure way of ensuring career advancement. Always ensure that you are sharpening the skills required in your career pathway. Be it through taking short courses, or asking for useful criticism, endeavour to be good at your job. One way through which you can display competence in the corporate world is through handling your projects diligently and submitting them on time. Make sure that your work would leave a good impression on people that come into contact with it.

  • Be confident
  • Confidence really is key. You will find it easier to navigate the corporate world when you are confident in yourself. Take time to work on your confidence from the inside out. Address aspects that reflect on your confidence such as how you talk to others, internal dialogue, your social skills, posture and the kind of behaviour you accept from others.

  • Own your accomplishments
  • Women tend to be more modest with their accomplishments in the corporate world. However, it is time you realise that this modesty does not serve you at all. Do not be afraid to highlight your successful projects and or your accolades. You never know who might like your projects or which door your accomplishments may open so have pride in them and claim them as your own.

  • Set boundaries
  • Maintain your peace and sanity by ensuring that you have boundaries in your life, but more specifically at your workplace. Have boundaries in regards to your work interactions, the type of work you’ll accept and the type of treatment you will not stand for. Boundaries are what will protect you from low quality experiences at work. They’ll also ensure that you are not a pushover, thus, earning you respect.

  • Dress impeccably
  • Is it superficial to judge someone according to how they’re dressed? Yes, of course it is. Does it still happen though? Yes it does. To place yourself in a winning position always ensure that you are dressed to the nines. Make sure that you always look nice, feel confident and are comfortable. In case you want to upgrade your closet as a woman working in the corporate world check out our clothing brand’s website  www.raymarfashion.com to get well fitted, stylish and professional clothes. 

  • Support other women
  • As a woman, always ensure that  you are increasing the chances of other women succeeding in the corporate world. Do this by mentoring younger women in your field, championing for more women in the workplace, and supporting and standing up for the women you work with. Be a woman who makes life better for other women in the workplace.


    I am delighted that you have made it this far. I hope you have identified tips that you can incorporate into your life to help climb the corporate larder. Thank you for reading this article and all the best in your career.

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